Details of Property : Penthouse Imperia Apartment for lease in district 2

Price: 3000 USD/ Month

Code: IMP-3282

Date: 2016-06-24 22:12:28

Area: 232m2

Bedroom: 4

Bathroom: 3

Interior: Fully furnished

Time to CBD: 20 Minnutes


Category: Apartment for rent in district 2

Penthouse Imperia Apartment for lease in district 2 with us You will receive a professional rental service through us; we will provide you a Legal Lease Contract made in both English and Vietnamese Version.

IMPERIA AN PHU: You are renting a place to stay? Currently our company have a lot of IMPERIA AN PHU can meet the demand for luxury, near your workplace that can still help you save money. If not satisfied you can see other products in the category Apartment for rent in district 2 .

For more information, please contact directly with us.

The above price & availability may be subject to change without prior notice.Please contact us for the up-to-date information.

Penthouse Imperia An Phu apartment in district 2 for lease - 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms apartment with 232 sqm, fully furnish.

Price: 3000 USD/ Month

Facilities Tennis court, Swimming pool, Shopping mall, Bar and Café, health care clinic, Gym, Library, Restaurant, Parking space, 24-hour security . . . etc. Enter The Imperia to discover a tranquil environment. Let the vast and lush landscaping within The Imperia soothes you. Extend your leisurely stroll into the 7-hectare public park right behind The Imperia Enjoy a playful evening with your children in the big playground or have a delightful conversation with your neighbors over barbeque. You could get into a competitive spirit with your friends over tennis or in the 50-metre lap pool. Alternatively, have a quiet workout with your peers in the outdoor fitnes.

More detail information apartment for rent pls contact : - Mr Phu - 0975 777 000

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Internet Parking Cable Television
Phone Garden Water heater Security 24/24
Air Condition Refrigerator Bath Tub
Backup Generator Terrace Balcony
Basement Front yard Gym(fitness center)
Convenient store 24/24 Laundry Management Fee
Near School Near Hospital Near Shopping Center

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